Off the Shelf, March 10, 2016
Perfection was recently chosen for a list of Eleven Favorite Memoirs by contributor Wendy Sheanin, Director of Marketing at Simon & Schuster. See the article.

Christina Baker Kline, January 29, 2010
Three ways to push through when you’re stuck. See the article.

Christina Baker Kline, September 15, 2009
Q&A With Graphic Designer Julie Metz. See the article.

ABC.NET.AU, July 6, 2009
Life Matters. See the article.

Library Love Fest, June 26, 2009
The HarperCollins Library book blog. See the article.

The New York Times, June 24, 2009
At Home with Julie Metz. See the article.

The Week, June 18, 2009
Author of the week: Julie Metz. See the article.

Popsugar, June 15, 2009
Summer Reading: 12 New Books to Check Out. See the article.

The Guardian, June 6, 2009
The British daily newspaper. Article written by Louise France. See the article.

The Powerhouse Arena, May 10, 2009
Four acclaimed authors reflect on the concept of home and the experiences that helped shape them and their work. See the article.

Go Book Sparks
About Perfection. See the article.

See the article.

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