Welcome 2022!

Here’s hoping this is an easier year for more people. In this month of new resolutions, I’ve set a few goals for myself…and we’ll see how far I get. Some feel totally do-able because I’m already doing them. Some new projects are revivals of promises I made to myself years ago.

For example: I want to speak better Italian. A colleague connected me to a wonderful teacher in Roma and I am now a month or so in…back to doing homework! I also want to improve my fiddle playing, which will only happen by making more time to practice. In addition to solo classes with a private teacher I have joined Peghead Nation to learn more tunes and have something like a daily workout. And a huge shout-out to my Pilates teacher Rachael and my co-exercisers who have kept me in good spirits during this long…too long…whatever this is that is our new normal.

Today I’d love to share a link to my conversation with the incredible Joe Donahue of WAMC Radio. Those who live in the Hudson Valley know how important this radio station is to our communities. And for authors, The Round Table and The Book Show are two of the too few opportunities we’ll ever have to speak about our books at length with such an intelligent warm reader. As Joe asked questions, I could tell he’d read every page. Such a privilege to have this opportunity and I hope you’ll have time to listen and share.

People of the Book Club Eva and Eve with author Julie Metz Thursday, February 10, 4:00 pm ET

Upcoming on Thursday, February 10, I’ll be joining the PEOPLE OF THE BOOK CLUB, hosted by The Center for Jewish History in collaboration with the Leo Back Institute. This is an online event. Register for a Zoom link.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay strong!
With all good wishes for this new year,


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